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Hello, we're JHIT. We offer OEM power transmission parts sourcing service. Our portfolio includes bearing, bearing housing, chains, sprockets and more. We supply both European metric and American standard power transmission components. If you need a custom part engineered and manufactored to your unique specifications, our team of mechanical engineers offers free consultation.

Quality Assurance

Our seasoned engineers take quality control inspection seriously. To provide only the best product to our clients, we have a additional layer of inspection in our warehouses. To ensure highest client satisfaction rate, we offer free return and replacement as needed.

Affordable Pricing

Working with our trusted partner factories, we were able to source responsibly while guruantee a fraction of retail market price. We currently offer a minimal margin for a limited number of overstocked products. Please contact our sales representitives for detail.

Total Shipment

For over 20 years, our average shipment per year exceeds 1,500 tons and growing. Our market includes United States, German, Denmark, France, Hongkong.

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Customized Order — How It Works


Upload your drawings. Let us know your specific industry need. Our seasoned mechanical engineer will walk you through.


We will check with our long term partner factories regarding prototyping availability along with other technical details.


After a joint review with all parties. We make three to five recommended factories for you based on pricing and available delivery dates.

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